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Fashion is how you communicate yourself
Style is creating an illusion of balance in your choices.
- Hadeel



Life is a Journey worth Exploring

Since 2003, I’ve been longing to become a fashion designer - It wasn't until mid-2013 that I enrolled myself in a fashion course at London College of Fashion. However, as I continued my education in fashion I realized that I know nothing about style and its importance. Fast forward to today - I'm now a certified stylist and I own my very first fashion brand: Headbands By H.



What They’re Saying

It’s like having a GPS and not having to worry about where to go, but only enjoying the ride!

And there is so much value in not having to overthink on what to wear or what to buy.

Hadeel is fun, very clear, and keeps you on track while staying warmly open to all needs and questions.

Nadia Dea Maria

I now know what body shape I have, what colors look better on me, and most importantly, shopping now will be much much easier since I now know what to look for instead of wandering around the mall as usual.

Asma Al Bader

I had a meeting with Hadeel and I asked her how to hide my belly. She showed me exactly how to hide it by certain techniques of choosing the right fabric and cut. Thank you Hadeel for your work. I never thought at my age I could benefit from a stylist like you.

Samia Al Sultan


"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and rhythm depend on simplicity"




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